How to Use a Rose Vibrator?

How to Use a Rose Vibrator?

A rose vibrator can stimulate the sexual organs and can produce intense pleasure. To begin using your rose vibrator, hold the device over the clitoris. You may need to spread your outer labia first. If you find it difficult to position the device correctly, you can use your phone's camera to view your clitoris. You can also use the doggy style to hold the device over your clitoris, while reaching between your legs. This method is very effective and will produce a quick and powerful Orgasm.

The rose vibrator is the perfect match to your warm water bath and helps you relax those tight muscles and send those tingling sensations down your spine.
Take a long soak in the tub for about an hour before using the rose vibrator. This will allow you to open up and relax before you start using it. Have your rose vibrator at hand, but do not use it yet as you don’t want to get it wet.

You can also use lubricants on your skin or around the vibrator to make it easier for you to glide it against your skin when using it. A little bit of oil is all that is needed for this so that the rose vibrator can glide against your skin easily without irritating or hurting you at all.

It is important that you make sure that the toy is clean and free from any infections before and after each use so as to prevent passing on any infections between sessions or between partners if you are sharing a sex toy.

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